Decoding John Cena and Nikki Bella Break up

Decoding John Cena and Nikki Bella Break up

Decoding John Cena and Nikki Bella Break up

John Cena and Nikki Bella parted ways

These are not good days for WWE fans as their favorite couple John Cena and Nikki Bella are no more living together. Yes, they’ve made it official on Instagram that they have parted ways. Fans have shown a lot of love towards this couple and now this news seems to be a shock. After six years, the couple has decided to part ways since there were a lot of misunderstandings of late.

Worst day ever – Cena

Confirming the news,  Nikki shared a joint statement on Instagram with a caption ‘we love you all’. It reads as “While this decision was a difficult one, we continue to have a great deal of love and respect for one another. We ask that you respect our privacy during this time in our lives”.  Cena on the other end took it to Instagram and wrote: “worst day ever”.

It all started with the Contract

In an interview with US weekly, Nikki let public know about their relationship. She also hinted that things weren’t as good as they were before between them. A shocking moment was revealed on the reality show, in which Cena had asked Nikki to sign a 75-page contract. He was reluctant in making Nikki sign the contract, before letting her in his house. It is to be noted that Nikki has been referred as the guest throughout the contract.

Pity Wedding

After divorce with his first wife, Cena wasn’t ready to tie knots with Niki. In contrast, Nikki has always insisted Cena to marry her. Nikki wasn’t interested in a ‘pity wedding’ as Cena always behaved like doing a favour when it comes to wedding. It is now come out that the WWE star was always reluctant in having kids whereas Nikki always wanted to be a mother. Though their public appearances over the years made them look like a wonderful pair, seeing things now make us feel that they are a mismatch naturally.

A source tells that ” Nikki and John truly love each other but they do not have the same view on a perfect future”.Nikki ‘s dream is to have a family of her own but Cena doesn’t want children which seems to be the major reason for their break up.

Mother over career

Though Nikki is dedicated to her career she was always interested to come out of that zone and become a mother. This didn’t go well with Cena. Initially she struggled a lot to get him commit her but the world was shocked when he made a proposal during WrestleMania last year.

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