Remo opens up on his upcoming dance film with Salman

upcoming dance film

Remo opens up on his upcoming dance film with Salman

Remo on his upcoming dance film

After two successful versions Race series is all set for release one more time with huge expectations. The choreographer turned director Remo D’Souza is so sure that Race 3 will stand out from the previous two versions. The director is nervous and equally excited about the release of the movie. He also opened up on casting Salman Khan as the male lead in his upcoming dance film.

Salman fits the bill

He mentioned that Salman Khan was approached for this movie even before the start of Race 3. He added that he was looking for an actor who could dance well and Salman Khan fits the bill perfectly. It was Salman who decided to do Race 3 first as the Dance movie demanded physically a lot. The movie was needing Salman to be at his best as a dancer. So they have planned to do Race 3 first and to start this Dance movie next.

Race 3 introduces the actor-director duo of Salman Khan and Remo D’Souza. Having choreographed the superstar in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Remo has directed Salman for the first time.

The director added that he was a big fan of Salman since childhood and he wants a great actor who could Pull off dance steps as well. That’s where the idea of casting Salman Khan popped up. Even in Race 3, it was Salman Khan who said that he was not looking for small steps and he was really looking for some great moves.

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Filling the shoes of Abbas – Mustan

On asked about the inputs of Abbas – Mustan who were the helmers of Race and Race 2, Remo said that he didn’t sit for discussion with them. He added that he was highly concerned about filling their shoes as it was their film. He also made sure that the ace directors were all cool with Remo filling their shoes and even they have wished the new director for blockbuster success.

On handling the big star cast

On working with the big star cast, the director said that it was a massive experience working with such a big cast. He added only because of this team he was able to pull this off otherwise it would have been really tough for him to get the final product. He said that they worked hard on action sequences and few songs to appeal visually to the audience.

Sequels are easy to make

Talking about the sequel trend in Bollywood of late, Remo said, “it is easy to make sequels because it has recall value and people are very much familiar with the genre”. He added that sequels should not be made for the sake of it unless the genre allows you to make one.

As the movie gears up for the release, the director has already started to work on upcoming dance film with the superstar. With huge expectations, we have to wait till June 15 to know if Race 3 will make a good sequel or not.

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