Top 50 Best Passive Income Ideas in 2018

Best Passive Income Ideas

Top 50 Best Passive Income Ideas in 2018

I would like to make it clear before letting you know the best passive income ideas that are used to automate your revenue. Its necessary to understand the concept of passive income. When you say passive income it means that it requires little or no maintenance to keep the earning flow. In today’s world, it is not like that you can not ignore that completely. It’s important to track each and every step you put in the income stream no matter how automated you make it.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprises in which a person is not actively involved.

Important Reasons why you need passive income

  • You can give value to more people
  • You can Learn More
  • You will have more time for other things
  • You can live the life you want
  • There are no Income Limits.
  • You define your own politics.
  • You are the Boss

How Much Can You Earn?

You might have read few stories say that they start a blog or write an E-Book and in weeks they earn $30,000. I am sorry to say that it does not work that way. If you are thinking that you can stop reading the Blog. It’s always common that we have a small income from few different sources at the initial stage. You will be able to make few hundred dollars in first few months when you do it consistently.

Here is the List of Best Passive Income Ideas.

  • Sell An Ebook
  • Create A Blog and make Affiliate Links
  • Sell Physical Products Online
  • Invest, But Do It Smartly
  • Sell An Online Course With Membership
  • Create A Comparison Site
  • Build Static Websites And Sell Advertisement
  • Create A Lead Capture Website
  • Build An Online Store for Service
  • Get An App Built
  • Games Machines, Vending Machines, ATMs Etc
  • Rent a Property
  • Setup Your YouTube Channel
  • Resell Online Products And Services
  • Write For Money, I Mean Adsense
  • Create A Niche Content Library
  • Create Saas App
  • Create a Book Reviews Website
  • Make A Online Store And Link It With Amazon
  • Rent Out Expensive Equipment
  • Be a Digital Publisher
  • Rent A Room or Space
  • Peer-To-Peer Lending
  • Create, Manufacture And Sell Your Own Innovative Product
  • Buy An Existing Online Business
  • Compile And Organize Fragmented Public Domain Information
  • License Out Your Smart Ideas
  • Create A Business System And Franchise It Out
  • Sign Up To Solid Reward Or Discount Programs
  • Buy Bulk From Overseas And Sell It Down Via eBay
  • Invest In A Real World Business As A Silent Partner
  • Create A Deals Site For Your Niche
  • Design T Shirts, Mugs And Sell Via Online Marketplace
  • Create A Highly Niched Up Online Community And Marketplace
  • Build A Niche Focused Jobs Board
  • Give All Your Content, Software, Plugins Etc Away For Free And Ask For A Donation
  • Systematize, Automate And Outsource Any Active Business
  • Repackage Your Content Into A Structured Product
  • Build A Mini E-University
  • Create A Podcast
  • Create a Video-Based ‘Interview With Experts’ Series
  • Sell Merchandise On Your Blog
  • Buy Up Domain Names And Park Them
  • Invest in Crowdfunded Real Estate
  • Dividend Income
  • Start a Business and Have Someone Else Run it
  • Rent Your Car for Ad Space
  • Buy a Laundromat
  • Open a Batting Cage
  • Product Design
  • House or Pet Sitting
  • Bond / CD Laddering
  • Rent Your Stuff

Let us know if you have tried any one of these or if you know other source of passive income ideas. Leave a comment! I look forward to hearing from you.

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