Upcoming Whatsapp app New Features Updates of 2018 – 2019

Whatsapp app New Features Updates of 2018

Upcoming Whatsapp app New Features Updates of 2018 – 2019

Whatsapp is best chatting in the market. also whatsapp has added too many features in 2017. Like story to delete for everyone and top whatsapp app new features expected by people with long rumoured “payment integration” and “Business app” Apart from that. The instant messaging app is set to add various new feature that will make more fun to use whatsapp.

Some of features are appeared in beta version. While tested on beta mode do not necessarily make it an official release but can surely be look forward to. you can use these features on whatsapp by enrolling by google’s beta program or download the latest apk.

What is going to get betterv in 2018-2019. Find here the upcoming features for whatsapp

Whatsapp Pay Features

Whatsapp pay features its easy way to app. But currently, it is available to selected whatsapp beta users. user can send money via UPI without leaving the app. Whatsapp will make it done for all whatsapp users very soon.

Group call

Whatsapp will extend voice and video call to group call as well. voice and video call are are currently available for one or more conversion only. There was a mention group call in one of the whatsapp beta update for android.

Instagram Story on Whatsapp

Facebook rolled out the option to let user export their stories on Facebook. Nowadays social networking extending the feature for whatsapp. That means user will soon be able to post Instagram story directly as whatsapp status.

New Status Video Download

Facebook Like Stickers

Whatsapp wants to add Facebook like stickers on its platform. This features was previously spotted on whatsapp for iOS, and now has been added to its beta version on android. The sticker icon will possible located to on GIF Button.

Notification of Story

Whatsapp will give you best features on story. if you don’t want.then You also can mute or disable. Some of have minimum contact and wants to notification of each and every contacts while they put story on whatsapp. it will easily to use it and fun it.

More Controls For Group Admin

Discovered on whatsapp for beta Android. Group chat admins could be given more control over the member and chat. some of the new features are now testing and will you get soon.

There above all are the Upcoming whatsapp app new features that we should know. The features are currently being tested by the community and will be available soon.

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