Web Series Bollywood Actors | Indian Bollywood Popular Actors

Web Series Bollywood Actors

Web Series Bollywood Actors | Indian Bollywood Popular Actors

Nowadays Bollywood is popular industry and up-growing market in entertainments. This generation are hardly add action Bollywood song add in their playlist. But all different from web series. Thanks to Web Series Bollywood Actors for fresh and new content. we enjoy to watch. we also impress by dialogues and acting.

All about on that platform are original. its look and feel. Also the actresses have different look and outfits. The script don’t have dramatic and boring. These amazing written With major hits only its the actors. They have extra ordinary talents gain more respect then famous Bollywood actresses just for the perfectness. and here’s the 15 famous web series actors.

1. Sumeet Vyas

One of the lover boy from permanent roommates. he has won all our hearts after acted sweetest and wittiest boyfriend a women can ever get. Its perfect in love action.

2. Nidhi Singh

She is an 31 year old actor. she has made for us live in relationship in India its very normal thing she gave us an unforgettable memories about it.

3.Mithila Palkar

She is only 24 year old. This talented girl and started her carrer via youtube. today nobody skip her show. Mithila working on her on going tv show “The girl in the city”

4. Maanvi Gagroo

She has made screen in No one Killed Jassica (2011) and then PK. But we about best understanding girlfriend from TVF Pitchers and Notorious Sisters.

5. Amol Parashar

Amol is one of the boyfriend goal from trippling. He play in series “Mada Faka” is played in million times. He lust boy of deodorant ad wild stone.

6. Angira Dhar

She is very hot. she is pretty women role in bad baajaa baaraat her role with bikini scene. One of the best Web Series Bollywood Actors all people have dream girl and also there is no any doubt for an dream girls. She also on screen in Beg Borrow Steal.

7. Shweta Tripathi

She role in Masaan. Shweta is well know face on trip. she has also made Tab ads brands like Vodafone and Tata Tea.

8. Naveen Kasturia

Nowadays TVF Pitchers high rated in web series because of only Naveen Kasturia comes from a very respected acting background. He has worked in the film Jashn.

9.Jitendra Kumar

One of the best serious actor is Jitendra. Its one of the familier face on TVF Pitchers always have good talented.

10. Abhay Mahajan

He Born in Pune Abhay has played Nerves in TVF Pitchers. He also done english plays and stand up comedies with TVF Group.

11. Dhruv Shegal

One of the Co-writer and actor of the viral sketches. He also get nervous before every role he has to be played.

12. Ali Fazal

He also spotted in Bollywood movies his first debut in English film “The other hand of the Line”. He acted Khamoshiyan, 3 Idiots, Fukrey and more.

13.Nishi Bisht

Nidhi at Permanent Roommates and then was the lead role of the TV Series Bisht. She well know Best  Writer in the TVF Group.

14. Biswapati Sarkar

The Famous Comedy Actors and Creative directors in TVF Group he has crossed 7.5 millions views on youtube.

15. Gopal Datt

He also spotted in TVF Pitchers, Bachelors ad more. He has also done sketches with AIB.

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